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Climb The World is a wiki with climbing resources.

All the data you can find here is provided by other climbers just like you


Have you ever gone on vacations and wondered what are the best climbing spots around?

Many climbers and local climbing associations have created blogs and websites with climbing resources. While these are only a google search away, it's often hard to find well-organized, up-to-date information.

We aim to provide centralized, consistent and complete coverage of climbing sites, routes and associations around the world.

How is Climb The World different from other climbing websites?[edit]

We strongly believe in open access to information, that sharing is a fundamental value of climbing communities across the world, and that community submitted content should be owned by the community - not the site owner

Most of the content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons license. This means that the content is free to use, transform and redistribute, including for commercial purposes. You can legally re-use it on another website, print it and share it with your friends, or even sell it to strangers, all without worrying about about stepping on someone's toes or transgressing copyright laws.

We strive to store all data in computer-readable formats. We use OpenStreetMap to store route locations and information, so that it becomes widely available for other uses, such as compiling local guidebooks, generating interactive maps or drawing paths to crags.


Our aim is to have a wiki with:

  • Detailed descriptions of climbing areas, crags and individual routes around the world, including beta and topos
  • Information on local, national and international climbing associations and communities
  • Information on particular climbing techniques and particular uses of equipment

What doesn't belong here:

  • Information on what climbing is, the various climbing types and general climbing information. Generally, information like this is suitable for inclusion in Wikipedia, and should be put there instead, and linked from this wiki using interwiki links


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