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Climb the World stores the basic information about climbing routes on OpenStreetMap, so that it becomes freely available and easily reusable by everyone.

Adding a climbing route[edit]

Creating a point 1
Creating a point 2
Adding a tag
  1. If you don't have one already, create an account on OpenStreetMap
  2. Go to the OpenStreetMap main page and locate the climbing area you wish to add in the map
  3. Click the Edit button on the top of the map. This will open the map editor.
  4. On the map editor, make sure the area you want to add doesn't exist already. If it doesn't, go ahead and click on the Point button on the top of the editor.
  5. Click on the place in the map where you wish to put the point (the climbing area)
  6. Select Point on the left panel
  7. Fill in the climbing area name.
  8. Add all the information you wish using the tags on the left panel.
    1. Tags are composed of two parts: a key (displayed on the left) and a value (displayed on the right). We'll refer to these as key|value
    2. To add a tag, click the empty box under All tags.
    3. You can use the Tab key to add multiple tags quickly.
    4. At the very least, you should add a tag with sport|climbing
    5. Other commonly used tags are:
      1. climbing:sport with the number of sport routes
      2. climbing:grade:french:min with the french grade of the easiest route. Similary, there's climbing:grade:french:max and climbing:grade:french:mean. Also, you can use UIAA as the system.
    6. The full list of available tags for climbing areas is available on OSM's wiki page
  9. Click the Save button on the top of the map editor. On the left panel, write a short message and click Save

Improving the climbing area map[edit]

If possible, please check that the features used to access the climbing area (such as roads, foot paths and steps) are appear on the map. If they don't, and you know at least their rough location, feel free to add them to the map. To get help on adding roads, click the help button, on the right of the map editor.

You can also map the various cliffs and boulders in the area, using an Area. You'll probably have to enter the tag names manually - see the related tags section in the OSM wiki's Climbing proposal

Climb the World wiki[edit]

After adding the area to OSM, you should create a page on the wiki.

  1. Open a existing area page, such as Escola de Escalada da Guia
  2. Click Edit on the top of the page to see the page's wiki markup
  3. Copy the area page's wiki markup
  4. Go back to Escola de Escalada da Guia
  5. Change the URL in your address bar to match the page you want to create. Avoid using any special characters (such as accented letters). Press enter
  6. Paste the wiki markup you copied previously
  7. Make any necessary changes to the page.
    1. In the infobox ( {{Infobox osm climbing area|name=Escola de escalada da Guia}} ), you should change the name to be exactly the one you introduced when you added the area to OSM. This will make the page include the data from OSM
    2. Don't forget to put the page in the appropriate category